We believe that your pet’s health and comfort should always come first.


Help lower the risk of certain illnesses and promote overall health and wellness.


The ingredients are simple, Coconut oil, natural bacon flavoring and organic CBD oil.

CBD & Hemp Oil Treatment for Pets: What Are The Benefits?

Are you considering adding CBD & Hemp oil Treatment to your pet’s diet but unsure if it will benefit your furry friend? Research has found that hemp oil has a wide range of benefits, including: Increased Appetite, Reduced Epileptic Seizures, Reduced Joint Pain, Improved Mobility, and Lowered Anxiety. To control chronic issues such as seizures or joint pain, we recommend using Spots Pure CBD & Hemp Oil Treatment for pets twice per day.

Started by a Master Dog Trainer

with a Story…

“I am a true believer in the benefits of Hemp Oil medicines. My 13 year old dog has not had a seizure for many months now. His inflammation is less, he seems to even be getting around better with less joint pain. The benefits are truly unbelievable to the point I have now put my 5 year old beagle on the same treatments with improved mobility for her. “

Client Story

“Our eight-year-old collie Gilly has been using Spots Hemp Oil product, and the results have been incredible. Her youthful energy has returned and whatever arthritis may have existed seems not to affect her whatsoever. It’s so wonderful to see her this playful again!”

– Jason P.

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We promise you that your pet will see many benefits. You will notice the overall wellbeing of your pet in days. Reach out to us if you have questions or concerns!