Client Testimonials

The Spot’s Hemp Oil Experience from Our Fellow Furry Parents!
“My 8 year old cat Kandy has struggled with anxiety since I adopted her from the Humane Society. After trying Spots Hemp Oil she has become more social and playful. It’s amazing to see the results of Spots Hemp Oil with Kandy!”

– Kandy

“I have a 6 year old husky who started experiencing joint pain. This product is the first one I’ve found to have a noticeable effect on him. He is more mobile and now seems very happy and content!”

– Husky

“Joint pain is expected with Newfoundlands. As our dogs get older it’s harder for them to get around as easily. Spots Hemp Oil has help Magnus and Odin move around like they are puppies again! Forever thankful to Hemp Oil for relieving our dogs of any discomfort.”

– Magnus & Odin

“Louie has struggled with appetite since a very young age. Using hemp oil has helped increase his appetite. The bacon flavor of Spots Hemp Oil makes it even easier for him to enjoy a nice meal with hemp oil in it. ”

– Louie

“Leo and Rouge have been using Spots Hemp Oil since we adopted them. It has greatly helped with anxiety around other dogs. Now we can take them around other animals with no problems.”

– Leo & Rouge