Our Story

How a Master dog Trainer became the Founder of Spot’s Pet Supplies.

It was Christmas of 2020 after all of the presents were opened and all of the good food was eaten. I was ready to put the dogs out for one more potty break, while saying good night to my 19 year old daughter Allison.

I noticed one of my dogs Spots, could not walk. Not only could he not walk but I could tell he was having a seizure. I panicked not knowing what to do so I carried him back into the house and my daughter and I sat with him trying to calm him and care for him. It was just like one of our family members having a seizure and was heart breaking to my family.

We immediately brought him to the emergency vet and they said he had a seizure and it might just be a one time occurrence so we took him back home. Things were fine until January 4th which the same thing happened so we took him into our main vet this time and yes he was experiencing seizures.

I did some research on seizures in humans and canines and had seen great reduction in seizures in humans by using Hemp Oil as a medicine. The vet put him on Gabapentin but it did not work because in a week he had another seizure. I then went out and purchased some Hemp Oil medicine and started giving him a daily dose. One week went by, then two weeks went by making sure he was doing his Hemp Oil treatments daily. Then three weeks, then four weeks no seizures. It has now been going on 5 months and no seizures.

I was sold on this medical Hemp Oil treatment. I so impressed with the benefits that I started doing research on the product and the manufacturing of it. The bottle I purchased was $60.00 plus shipping and it tasted bad because I tested it. This was too much money for the average person to spend especially during Covid when many people were out of work.

Then I started talking to bulk Hemp Oil distributers, bottle distributers, pipettes/droppers distributers and label manufactures. I came to the conclusion that I could make the same product for a lower cost to consumers, maybe even half of what I paid with a much better taste for dogs and cats.

The product will be named after my dog Spots who had the seizures but is doing well now with no seizures for many months now . We plan to cut the price in half so the average person can afford this treatment for their dogs or cats. Plus, our product has a great bacon flavor. Who doesn’t like bacon? Even my cat loves bacon!

I am a true believer in the benefits of Hemp Oil medicines. My 13 year old dog has not had a seizure for many months now. His inflammation is less, he seems to even be getting around better with less joint pain. The benefits are truly unbelievable to the point I have now put my 5 year old beagle on the same treatments with improved mobility for her.

I want the public to understand that this is a beneficial treatment for many symptoms in canines and all pets. I have read many stories about Children having seizures and how medical Hemp Oil treatments have help improve the reduction of seizures and other benefits.

I am also a Master dog trainer for scent detection canines and a certified canine handler. I believe in this product and I give it to all of my canines.

– James Pelowski,

Founder of Spot’s Hemp Oil